Safeword T-Shirts launches!

Hello, world! Safeword T-Shirts has officially launched!

Close fiends Graham Smith and Alasdair Scott decided that it would be great to have access to a range of T-Shirts that we really liked ... and so after much thought, various brands of craft ale and at least three all-nighters at The Groucho Club we figured it would be best to start our own label.

And so Safeword T-Shirts was born.

We're going to slowly build the range, starting with a few signature slogan items as well as our much-admired REMOANERS design and a few T-Shirts featuring our mascot, Charlie the Gimp.

Please do check out the online shop which we've built with our friends at Shopify, as well as our pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We're really looking forward to getting our T-Shirts onto the streets ... so please spread the word using #SafewordTShirts - and of course feel free to drop us a line via social media or direct to